A Trip to the Redwood City Public Library and Downtown Redwood City

Hannah and Emma

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Many students enjoy the Study Hall enrichment field trip! Most of the kids in this enrichment are middle-schoolers, though there are a couple of fourth graders. In the Study Hall enrichment, the students enjoy relaxing, doing homework, working on school projects, and hanging out with friends. This enrichment got to tour the Redwood City Public Library Teen Center. Afterwards, they got to walk around downtown Redwood City and buy lunch.
Amy C. in the Study Hall enrichment said, “I like Study Hall enrichment because I can do my homework at school so it doesn’t interfere with my activities at home.” Amy also said, “I like working at the library because it helps me focus on work and not get distracted because it is quiet.” Amy liked walking around Redwood City because there are many food options to choose from.” She went to Pizza My Heart and got a cheese pizza, along with a Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuchino, which she loved.
Kalyan F. went to Five Guys and got a hamburger. He also bought a Tai Boba tea. He liked both of those items.
Overall, this field trip was a big hit and many students would recommend it.