North Star: An Astonishingly Diverse Place

Joshua, Reporter

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The diversity of North Star Academy is amazing; at our school, there are many people that have been born outside of the US and people that speak many different languages. One example of a student in this school that was born elsewhere besides the US is Nickita, who was born in Belarus but moved almost immediately to the USA. He still visits his home in the summer. He enjoys having the ability to go back to his home country so often.
Belarus is much cheaper than California, but cheap always comes with a downside. The schools include punishments like whipping the students. Yet that still doesn’t stop Nickita from loving the place. “It’s fun, doesn’t cost a lot, you can go anywhere you want and it’s better than America,” said Nickita. Belarus has beautiful forests and houses with extraordinary views.
Our school district has programs for people that have recently moved to the United States; for example, if they don’t have housing, don’t know how to speak the language or if they don’t have friends, they will help them adjust to the new circumstances. So If they try to do the North Star test and they don’t know English they will if they try to learn it..
Interestingly, Ms. Shackel lived in another country from the age of 7 to 9. That country was Germany; she lived there until her dad got a better job and so they moved. She learned the language, went to the schools and adapted to the life there. She traveled all over to places like Paris, Switzerland and Belgium and loved it. But when she moved, “It was pretty easy to transition because already had friends and I already knew English but I didn’t know how to spell the year I came back. I got an “F” on my report card on spelling I remember I went to Birch Lane Elementary and I had Mr. Halen as my 4th grade teacher.”
North Star is a welcoming place for anybody that has recently moved from another country.