What’s Cookin at this amazing enrichment ?

Reeve and Rohan

This enrichment, cooking, is taught by the 4th-grade teacher Mr. Havey. We began entering the bus at 9:00 a.m. and it was a 30-45 minute drive to the Junior Chef in Pacifica. The first thing we did was put our stuff down and wash our hands (to get rid of the germs when cooking), then the head chef, Chef Brian, told us what the task was for the cooking students. He said their goal was to make tacos including three mystery ingredients: Fried Pig Skins, Cactus, and Taco-Flavored Crickets. Everyone already had assigned groups, so that made it easy to find tables. All the groups had different proteins including chicken, pork, ground beef, tofu, and fish. The teams were judged on:
Use of special ingredients
They had to use every ingredient they were given. The protein was cooked on gas stoves. The chefs and parental chaperones walked around the tables helping each table group that required assistance. In the end, everyone’s tacos were different. One group used diced tomatoes and shredded/mashed avocados and lettuce. Another used salsa, onions, bell peppers, and even beans! By 11:20, everyone had finished their tacos, and they were all delicious. One by One, the chef teachers judged and tasted the tacos.
After taking 20 minutes to eat their lunch, they started the next challenge at 12:00. The challenge was to create bread pudding with a creative sauce. The ingredients for bread pudding were:
1. sourdough bread
2. marshmallow fluff
3. Eggs
4. Milk
5. cinnamon
6. vanilla extract
7. Melted butter

Next, the 3 mystery ingredients were:
Coca -Cola

Soon, the bread pudding was finished and they only needed the sauce. Many of the groups made their sauce out of blended peaches. Most of them even added garnishes to make their dish look nice, one group even made rice crispy treats. By 1:00 everybody had finished. Everyone made great bread pudding and tacos but the winner was group #6. After the winner was announced, all of the groups tried each others bread pudding. At around 2:00 we left the junior chef area and headed back to NSA.