New Changes To North Star

New Changes To North Star

Henry, Reporter

There are lots of new things happening at North Star this year; not only are there new teachers and a new Vice Principal, there’s also new enrichments and a new buddy system! There are 2 new teachers this year. Mrs. Heidi Sjolund left 3rd grade and went to 5th grade, leaving a new 3rd grade teacher in her place: Ms. Mara Desmas (MIS MAH-ruh DE-muh).

In the meantime, Ms. Ruth Snyder left her 4th grade classroom to teach 5th grade ELA and social studies. She said she had taught 5th grade for many years and it was her favorite grade to teach and she always wanted to go back to 5th grade. “I felt sad when I had to close the door for the final time of my 4th grade classroom.” Ms. Snyder said. But of course, she wanted to go back to 5th grade. She said, ”I was nervous but now I absolutely love it.”

The Teachers who left North Star are:
Ms. Katelyn Cooper (5th grade)
Leaving Ms Heidi Sjolund in her place
Mrs. Frazier (5th grade)
Leaving Ms Ruth Snyder in her place

Principal Ms. Sara Shackel thinks every change will always be good. She is the most optimistic person I ever met. Ms Shackel doesn’t know what big changes are coming up. “I don’t know,” said Sara Shackel, in an interview with the “RWC new” newspaper team.

There are many new enrichments at North Star too this year. Mrs. Gwen Minor is doing Trojan War Cycle: Epic Tales from the Ancient World; Mr. Duncan is doing Historical travel planning; Mrs. Vance and Mrs. Robinson both are doing We can lead the change Enrichment; Mrs. Heidi Sjolund is doing Visual Concept Demos, and Coach Brian Cagle is doing Visual Arts for the fall play.

The new Assistant principal is Mrs. Aya Rubio.

The teaching changes were made because teachers were leaving and retiring. Mrs. Gina Sitte was responsible for the changes for the buddy system. “Students told Ms. Sitte that their buddies weren’t paying attention to them,” said Principal Shackel.