A Week at a Magical Forest

Reese, Reporter

Last  month, the fifth grade visited Outdoor Ed, the week-long field trip of the year on the first week of December. The trip was full of fun times, but also a few bad experiences. On the night hike, there were controversial opinions.

Mr. Havey (in Ms. Snyder’s place) and Ms. Robinson agree that it was their favorite activity, but some 5th graders admit that it wasn’t very fun. Liza from Owl cabin thinks that it was “a little bit scary”.  Eline (Heron cabin), however, says that “it was actually really fun”. Hopefully, the night hike pleases most students! 

Most people liked the cabins. “The beds were comfy,” said Luke (Redwood cabin). “The cabin leader was nice,” said Ben, also in Redwood. However, residents of the Quail cabin had to deal with a broken fire alarm. “It was the most disturbing thing of my life!” said Minna. 

For meals, most students (and teachers) were happy. “I love meals that I don’t have to cook,” said Ms. Robinson. Eline from the Heron cabin liked the many options (gluten free, vegan, etc.). Mr. Havey, agreed.

It seems that there were mixed experiences at Outdoor Ed, but everyone had a great time overall.