A Splash of Art

Julia and Myrah

The November Art Competition was a good way for artists of all ages to show their work in a fun, interesting way . The theme of the competition was to recreate the NSA gryphon in an original design.
Lily, a 6th grader won 3rd place in the middle school competition. She was only a little bit proud of her work because only 3 people took part in the competition, so third wasn’t much at all. Lily made a humanized gryphon. She used watercolors, thick paper, pencil, and black ink to make her splendid artwork. She put a lot of effort into her piece, trashing her first attempt admitting, ”I wanted it to turn out better.”
Penny, another 6th grader who took 2nd place in the middle school art competition, made a gryphon out of NSA photos. Her astounding artwork only took about 30 minutes but was still amazing, with a gryphon outline and pictures of NSA. She used photos, paper, and clear duct tape to make it.
6th grader Mira, won first place with a watercolor NSA gryphon. Her detailed winning artwork made her feel wonderful but she agrees with Lily that more people should have taken part in the competition.
Taking 1st place in the elementary art competition was Liza, a 5th grader who made a beautiful sunset gryphon. She said “I doubted I’d get anything, 3rd place at the best”. To make her art she used paint, pencils, scissors, and watercolor paper.
Camila, another 5th grader, won 2nd place with a baby gryphon. Camila liked the theme of the competition. She had no clue she would win a place, but was very happy when she heard she did.
In third place was Cameron from 3rd grade. He made a very colorful gryphon, and to make his wonderful piece of art Cameron used paper, crayons, and a pencil. Although Cameron was proud of his Griffon, he had no idea he could win. Overall the art competition was a fun way for students to use their imagination.
The theme for the next art contest will be announced at the next Flag Salute. Submissions need to be turned in to Ms. Robinson by January 21, 2020.