2 Years Strait

Aiden, James

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Have you ever been behind the scenes in a movie? Well, have you heard that Tyler Y was behind all of the layout and design of the Gryphon Gazette newspaper enrichment for the span of 2 years straight? He says, “I like this enrichment because I interact with people, and I feel like I’m the head of the enrichment.” He has been in this enrichment for 7 trimesters in a row. Everyone wants him to stay another year in this enrichment. People say that he does everything Ms. Snyder asks him to do. Ryan R said, “He has the right to quit this, he has already done enough for our enrichment.”
Nobody has said that they want Tyler to leave because they all think he is the best person for the job. Everyone thinks he is the person to do it, because he is good at what he does. Tyler has said, “I will stay in this enrichment till I graduate from North Star.”
The reason for this is because it gives him a sense of power and he likes helping people. He also loves having the ability to edit anything he wants on the pages that we use in newspaper. He has done it for 2 years and he loves it.
The newspaper will be looking next year for several 6th or 7th graders for Tyler to train so that we will still be able to have a newspaper after he leaves.