VAPING And The Terrible Things That It Does To Us

Aryan and Keegan

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Vaping has become an increasing problem in this school district, let alone society. That’s why RCSD is taking action. In the bathrooms at Kennedy.  Vaping alarms have been scheduled to be installed. The project is going to cost $22,000. The question many students have been wondering is, will Northstar and Mckinley be next? Mrs. Sitte says that It will lower the amount of students vaping in the bathrooms, but they may find another place to vape. Zach in 7th grade says that vaping is unhealthy for your body. Vaping is seen as a better alternative for smoking but it is actually worse. The new flavors and increased levels of tobacco make it more addictive and attractive to children and high schoolers. Vaping is an important and serious problem in the school district.