Farewell, Mrs. Cooper

Emma and Mingyan

As you may know, our beloved librarian has recently been switched to Kennedy school. All of the students we interviewed say they miss her and want her back.
When we asked Chloe M., a 5th grade student, how she feels about Mrs. Cooper leaving, she said, ”Really sad. Depressed that she’s leaving. I don’t want another librarian.” To replace Mrs. Cooper, the school got a new librarian. Two of the students we interviewed say that she will be a great librarian, but she won’t be the same as Mrs. Cooper. We were also lucky enough to interview our principal, Mrs. Shackel. She says that she is sad that she made that decision but she can understand why the decision was made and wishes her the best of luck at Kennedy. So do we!
Many say Mrs. Cooper is a great librarian and they are sad that she had to leave, but she must have her reasons. When we asked Benjamin in 5th grade if he enjoyed Mrs. Cooper being here, he gave a very simple and concise, “Yes.”
Others also had similar answers when asked. There was also a sixth grader named Isabelle who said , “I hope Mrs. Cooper visits
us.” It was very unfortunate that Mrs. Cooper had to leave, but Mrs. Cooper said that she would love to come back and visit us. We also asked how Kennedy was for her so far. She replied, “It’s fine, I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks.”
We hope Mrs. Cooper comes back. She says she misses everybody at North Star. Goodbye, Mrs. Cooper. We miss you!!!