Rethinking the Bathrooms

Minna and Eline

Over the last few weeks we have been interviewing a few of the staff and students about North Star Academy’s bathrooms. We have agreed to try and make some changes. We agreed that we can try to get the funds to redo the floor, add some new hand dryers, and have better trash cans in the stalls. Also, we would like to get Febreze in the bathrooms (especially the boys’). The janitor kindly explained, ”I have been trying to get Febreze.” We have asked a few people (janitor, Ms. Shackel, and students) about their opinion on the bathrooms and how we should fix them. A boy in 6th grade named Harrison said, “I want the bathrooms as big as the MIT bathrooms.” Another student named Alia said, “I think the trash cans are fine, but I haven’t been in the bathrooms for a long time because they’re so disgusting.” After we look at these opinions we will pass them on to the janitor to see if these changes are possible. When we interviewed Ms. Shackel she said, “We should paint the stalls.”
We have also interviewed the WE enrichment and they said, “We are already renewing a little bit of the bathrooms and are planning to paint them.” We hope they do a good job. A little surprise appeared in the girls bathrooms right after winter break; new Mrs. Meyers soaps! In the girls bathroom the scents are basil, lavender and honeysuckle, and in the boys bathroom we have learned that they don’t have any! Audrey in the 5th grade exclaims, ”The new soaps in the bathrooms are delightful! I’d be impressed if we get more surprises!” Aaron in fifth grade complained, “The sinks are too close to my hands when I wash them,” and we think that maybe we could make the sinks farther from your hands so they won’t bump into the sinks. We have heard that in the boy’s bathroom the dryers and paper towel dispensers are broken so hopefully that can be fixed.
We have also heard big exciting news from the WE enrichment that they will be sponsoring a movie night that will have pizza, drinks, and more yummy snacks! It will be showing Beauty and the Beast, and the money will be for painting the bathroom stalls and fixing them! Make sure to say thank you to them! The movie will be 8 dollars if you do it early and 10 dollars if you do it at the door. Do it at the door to make your bathrooms better and more sanitary! Looking forward to new changes! We hope are story motivated you to help change the bathrooms.