Students Strike for a Better Climate

Reese, Reporter

The schoolwide climate strike is coming up soon. Organized by 8th grader Natalie, it starts on January 31st. The flyers being handed out and put up give more information. “I really believe in what she’s doing,” said principal Ms. Shackel.
During enrichment, on that day, students will walk to the corner of Jefferson and El Camino and hold up signs about why we need to do something about the problem!
Natalie is also bringing attention to the problem of climate change. Global warming is heating up our planet, and we need to do something about it. Since 1880, the average global temperature has risen by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people around the world are protesting for change.
“I was inspired by Greta Thunberg,” said Natalie. Greta Thunberg has sparked many protests for changing the climate.
Natalie has been talking to Ms. Shackel, Ms. Keller, and a Stanford sustainability director. “I talked to a school board trustee,” Natalie said. The project is getting a lot of help and is in good hands.
Most people are getting excited for the strike. “I’m very proud of her,” said Ms. Shackel. Come and protest if you can! Students who plant to participate need to get a permission slip from their enrichment teacher and return it by this Wednesday (January 29).