The New Art Program

Myrah and Julia

The new art program has some mixed thoughts. Five kids from differing grades responded with varied points of view . A fourth grader named Clara likes the overall art experience, and the things she’s creating but she preferred being in a classroom like last year rather than being in the science lab now. Fifth grader fAudrey agrees with Clara saying that the art program is pretty good, however the old art program was better because of the way the parents taught classes. Audrey also liked how there were always great examples to follow. Nonetheless, Audrey likes having lots of space in the science lab rather than being originally confined to just a classroom. Nora, a 3rd grader thinks the art class is extremely fun and interesting because, “You get to learn all the art techniques to improve your drawing.” A sixth grader, David, says that if he had to give the art program a rating he would say 3 out of 5. Even though he likes the teachers, David only thinks the art class is mildly interesting. He says that there is not enough time to complete your artwork and feels sort of rushed. Michael, a 6th grader likes the new art program a bunch and he thinks it is fantastic. Michael likes what he gets to make because he thinks he does it well and he feels like he tried. Overall, Micheal likes this year’s art class better. We also interviewed the Parent Club to see why the swapped the old art class. When we questioned them they replied that they didn’t want to rely on parents to teach the art class. When asked which art program they liked better they prized the new one with the title. Overall, the students like the new art program but there are still some different feelings.