Winter Vacas of NSA

Winter Vacas of NSA

Mia and Audrey

We all know about the break, and many people were excited, but why and where did they go. Our peers went to many different places, from the tallest mountains to the bottom of the ocean to meet either their relatives or just for fun. No matter where you went, even if you stayed home, most of us had a great time. Here are a few interesting interviews

Victoria in 4th grade went to Mexico. While she was there she spent some time at the beach and went snorkeling and whale watching. On New Years she dressed up and her grandparents, uncles and cousins came.
During winter break Ms. Simke, who teaches 6th grade, went to the Philippines and went scuba diving. She was extremely excited because there were no kids during winter break. She celebrates Hanukkah, lights the special candle, and eats latkes.
Jaime in 5th grade went to Hong Kong and she looked forward to no homework and flying on planes. During winter break, she celebrated Christmas, New Years, her birthday and ate cake. During all this she visited her grandparents, cousins and aunts. She also went kayaking.
4th grade teacher Mr. Havey went to San Luis Obispo, while there he visited his wife’s family and ate chocolate. He was super excited that he didn’t have to grade work. Mr. Havey celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas and has a special tradition that everyone has to cook a dish and share it with the family.
Ruby in 7th grade went to Ohio, Florida and she was very excited to travel and visit some of her family. Ruby celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah. Her family’s special tradition is that the youngest member of her family has to get everyone presents.
Another 5th grader named Liza went to Nevada. While she was there, she did some skiing. She was very excited because there was no HW and there were presents. She celebrates New Years and does sparklers as well as Christmas.
Megan an 8th grader got ready for high school applications and stayed at home. She was very excited because she spends time with her family, gets to watch tv and relax. She celebrates Christmas and Chinese New Year with Chinese food.

A 5th grader named Lily went to Singapore, Thailand and China. She visited her mom’s side of the family. She celebrated New Years, Christmas and got a hydro flask.

If you want to check out Lily’s blog, click here.

We hope you enjoyed your winter break. As you can see, almost all of the people had fun, had a wonderful time, and a wonderful holiday, we hope you did too.