Rolling backpacks? Or A Rolling Nightmare?

Mateo, Reporter

Have you ever wondered if roller backpacks will ever be banned? Well read on because this paragraph has opinions from teachers to students. All students know how much hustle and bustle the hallways can have even without Zucas and other rolling backpacks.
“Roller backpacks I feel are a danger but I understand that people spend a lot of money to buy them and some kids need it because they carry a lot of weight and I don’t want their backs ruined,” Mrs. Shackel said.
A 5th grade student, Teddy added that, “They can be useful but people who own them are obnoxious when riding them.” Mr. Havey, the fourth grade science teacher agrees that people can use roller backpacks if used for their actual purpose.
Most students believe that we (NSA students) have a decent amount of homework. Asher, a 4th grader stated, “ I feel their [the zucas’] pretty dope but the downside is you can’t carry them.”
Some people might agree, but others might not, like 5th grader Toby Y., “Well the Zucas could stay, ” he stated, “but they are unfair to people who can’t afford it and are otherwise pretty annoying.”
Many students that don’t own Zucas don’t like them. Jude B. a 7th grader quoted, “ I don’t like them because they take up space.”
Another problem is that the parking area can be inconvenient to some students, but Mrs. Shackel disagrees saying, “ I think it’s up to the teachers to decide if the parking area should be moved.” Overall opinions on the backpacks are controversial, some people like the fact that you can ride them while others don’t like how noisy they can get. Whether you like them or not, everyone has different opinions and in the end, it’s up to the teacher to make the final decision.