Winter Holidays


Riley and Stella

What holiday do you celebrate? What is your favorite thing about it? What foods do you eat? What is you favorite food in the Holidays? These are the questions that we asked people. So we are going to show you some answers we got! We both celebrate Christmas and we love getting and giving presents and seeing family.

Madison H. in fourth grade, celebrates Christmas. She said, “My favorite part about Christmas is seeing my family, getting and giving presents, and decorations.” She also said, “I love making and eating the cookies!” She loves Christmas and the holidays.

Liv R. in seventh grade, celebrates Hanukkah. Liv R in seventh grade said, “I love seeing my family, and eating Latkes.” She loves the holidays.

Cira F. in Fourth grade celebrates both Christmas and New year so we are going to do New Year’s. She said, “I love getting to stay up late and play with my friends,” this is what she loves about it. “ I really like to eat desserts because they’re sweet and sugary,” she also said.

This was the first story we made! Hope you liked it! What holiday do you celebrate around the winter and what is your favorite thing about it? Well put it in the comments so we can know.