Valentine Grams❣❣


Audrey and Mia

The people of North Star are astonished by how amazing this fundraiser is. During the month of February, the WE committee is selling Valentine Grams to North Star. You can buy them for yourself or for a friend just for $3.

Mr. Havey, a teacher in 4th grade, said he would like sweet hearts or conversation hearts, a heart sticky hand, a hershey kiss and a note from the person who bought the gram. He likes the grams because it makes students feel good, but something that he doesn’t like is when the grams disrupt his class. He thinks it is unfair that not everybody gets one and he had an idea that there should be a free gram that is just a note.

Lyla in 5th grade requested more chocolate in the Valentine Grams but thinks that they are too expensive and thinks it is unfair because not everyone gets one. She also wishes there would be a winter gram. She likes that she can show her friends that she appreciates them by giving them a gram

Asher in 4th grade would enjoy Jolly Ranchers in the Valentine Grams and thinks it’s ok that not everybody gets one. Overall he thinks they’re great and likes the fact that it shows someone they’re your friend.

Ms. Martin wants chocolate, Sweet Tarts and erasers. She feels bad for the kids who don’t get a gram and said it is unfortunate. Ms. Martin said that giving grams shows friendship and appreciation.

Liza in 5th grade said she wants Pop Rocks in her Valentine Gram and she loves everything about them. She also said that she thinks it is unfair that not everybody gets a gram, so maybe they could have a free gram, but she likes that it makes people feel happy.

Mariah in 8th grade likes that there is candy and a note but she thinks that there are too many toys and thinks that we usually would just throw them away, which wastes plastic, and that it can cause drama if somebody doesn’t get one.

Audrey in 5th grade would like Pop Rocks and doesn’t really like the way that they are handing out grams this year, since not everyone got the amount they asked for, she thinks there should be a super gram that cost more and the heart should be gold to tell the difference. She also thinks that it is unfair that not everybody gets one so maybe they can have a free option that has just a simple note in it so it seems like they care instead of giving them nothing because some people can’t afford it.

The People That Make It Happen
Ms. Robinson, the one in charge of this operation, thinks that the grams improved because they are passing out hearts early and she thinks they are great. She said that only what they can afford goes into them and she hopes kids will be excited and happy. She said, “Remember, this is a fundraiser for field day.”
Savannah a sixth grader, one of the gram makers thinks that the grams are more fun this year because they had some leftover things from last year for mystery items. She said that to make them they research online in order to find stuff to put in them, and they make homemade bags. Her opinion is that it’s not that expensive and high quality fun and she thinks that people will be grateful when they get it.

Valentine grams are a stellar part of North Star and everyone wants one. Even though people love them, there are a few kinks to work out like the price. We love Valentine Grams and we hope you do too.
Remember, this is a fundraiser for field day!