Project Cornerstone

Minna and Eline

All of us love Project Cornerstone. Well if you think that, you’re wrong. Some people might not like it as much as you, so that is why we have decided to interview people about Project Cornerstone, for you to see what everyone thinks. We’re asking 4 questions: What do you think about Project Cornerstone? Do you like the stories they read at Project Cornerstone? Do you like the activities they do? What life skills do you learn?
We interviewed Nataly in 7th grade and for the first question she said, “I hated project cornerstone and I hated the activities.” For the second question she said, “ I loved the stories.” And since she answered are 3rd question in the first were moving onto the fourth and she said, “ I learned to be an upstander.
The next person was Silvana in 7th grade and for the first question she said ,“ Sometimes it is fun.” For the 2nd question she said, “ Yes I love the stories, they are very positive.” For the 3rd question she said that “ some of them are fun but some are boring.” And for the 4th question she said, “ I learned kindness.”
The last student was Audrey in 5th grade and for the first question she said,“ It’s nice to remind people of doing the right thing.” For the second question Audrey said, “ I think the books are very nice.” And for the 3rd question she said,” I love the activities, they’re very nice and creative.” And for the last question she said, “ I learn how to be nicer to people, and in real life I know I am going to use these skills.”
Our last person was Ms. Shackle. For the first question she said, “ I love project cornerstone.” For the second question she said ,“ The ones I heard I like a lot.” And for the 3rd she said, “ I love the bucket dipping ones.” Ms. Shackle wanted to say that sometimes people don’t pay attention. She also said, “Also, I would like the middle school students to do Project Cornerstone.” Now you know what people think about Project Cornerstone.