Mixed Thoughts About the Grams

Nickita, Reporter

Not long ago, in February, the Valentine Grams were released and people said they liked them. The valentines grams started with a teacher named mrs. Titt. she made the junior optimists club which made the grams to sell and eventually the optimist club stopped and then the leadership enrichment started doing them. Noah F. from 6th grade likes the Halloween Grams from 3 years ago better because everyone got an eraser, even the people who did not buy Halloween Grams. He would really like to get an Easter or St. Patricks Day Gram added too. He would also like to get more of everything because it is not really worth the cost. For right now he would want $2.50 for a gram instead of $3.00 . Zach from 7th grade said, “I really liked this year’s Halloween Gram.” Alex M. from 7th grade said, “I would only pay 1 dollar for any gram but if there was chocolate then I would pay 5 dollars.” Griffin A. from 5th grade liked the Valentine Grams from this year and he would also like an Easter Gram added. He would like more toys and less candy because candy is not really good for you and you will eat it and it will be gone, but for toys you can play with them forever and you don’t eat them. Most people liked the grams and think that they are a great addition to North Star.