The 49ers Lose the Superbowl


On the fateful Sunday evening of 2/2/20 at 10:11 am pacific time you could hear the groan of all 49er fans across the globe. That night the 49ers lost to the Chiefs  20 points to 31 points. 

People in the school had much to say about the team’s loss. Eli H. a 5th grader commented about how the 49ers lost the game, “I was so mad because they blew a ten point lead.” 

It is said by many fans that they chose poorly when winning the coin toss. Also in 5th grade, Teddy commented about the 49er’s defense, “I think they needed to contain Patrick Mohames better.” 

When it comes to the 49ers, the team’s odds are set at 25-1 to win the Super Bowl. They also have 12-1 odds to take home the NFC title and 4-1 odds they take over the NFC West division. 

This is how Tyler Y. a 7th grader feels about the 49ers loss, ”I was sad at first but I know next year they will win.”