North Star Workshop

Nataly and Kimberly

At North Star Academy there is a program called workshop, where kids can do a lot of fun activities for elementary. For middle school they also do homework, but they don’t get to play. Instead of making your kids wait outside why don’t you sign them up for workshop. Here are some things that the kids from workshop said about it.

Amelia and Noah 6th graders said,” We don’t like middle school workshop, its boring because we only do homework, 1 of the teachers are kind of mean and the others are nice, and when we first walked into workshop we felt nervous.”

Minna 5th grader said “ I like free time and doing homework, teachers are nice, I like that I don’t have to stay in the pick up zone, and I think workshop is fun.”

Cira 4th grader said “ I like to go outside, one of the teachers is mean, I hate meditation, workshop can be boring, and when I first walked into workshop it was fine and ok.”

Lucy 3rd grader said, “ I like to play on the playground with my friends, the teachers are nice, at workshop it’s fun, and when I first walked into workshop I was excited.”

Ms. Shackel principal said,” its a great program it fills the needs of many kids and I think most of the kids like it, and it was all ready here before I got here.”

The teachers at workshop are Patricia Topou, Yesica Mendieta, Jessica Reynaga, Valeria Hernandez, Jessamy Collier, Damaris Ramos, Cathy Franco, Aliza Peter.
Here are what the teachers from workshop said… I really like teaching, I like workshop for the kids to learn things, this program helps the kids for high school and college, things we do at workshop is homework, topics, do a lot of activities like electric slime and other cool and fun things, and science. We help the kids with homework help break it down because they have too much homework sometimes and help them have fun too. They learn study skills important topics like about bullying and other topics.