🎡🎪 Field Day 🎠🍭

Mia and Audrey

We all know about how amazing field day is but what do the people really want. The people want slides, candy, prizes, you name it they want it all, but here are some of the opinions we thought you might like.

Liza in 5th grade requested a “giant slide, wrecking ball, and a simple jumpy house.” She doesn’t want any water activities because, “it can be really cold and you might catch a cold.” Some of Liza’s prize ideas on field day are, lollipops and hard candies.
Nick in 6th grade would like “better candies like airheads”. He also said “that there shouldn’t be any water activities because it could get cold. He thinks that “there should be more snow cone flavors” he also included that there should be”pizza and cotton candy” included.
Tiffany in 8th grade said, “I liked the cliff hanger a lot, but I think there should be more activities because some of the lines got way too long.” She wants water activities because she said, “I think it will be really hot there, so water balloons would be fun!” Tiffany added, “I don’t want pizza but I do like cotton candy.”
Sammy in 7th grade said, “Snow cones are my favorite part and I also like popcorn and water activities” She said, “I want a tiger plushie for a prize.” Sammy said, “Yes, I want water activities.”
Mr. Havey who teaches 4th grade said “I like the different stations”, he also likes the NSA T’s, “carnival games and water activities. He said that if we use water balloons they should be biodegradable and there should be “no food or candy”.
Field Day is a wonderful event at NSA and we hope it will get even better. This year will be great and we hope you like it!