📘All About the Yearbook Enrichment!

📘All About the Yearbook Enrichment!

Audrey and Mia

At around 9:00 am on All-day Enrichment  the yearbook enrichment was proofreading the names and the yearbook itself for about an hour. (Proofreading is where they double and triple check to make sure there are no errors). While we were there, there were two students with computers and four students looking at the screen and making sure there were no spelling errors or any other mistakes.

A 6th grader named Olivia said, “It’s good because you can design.”  

Another 6th grader, MaryCarla, e said,  “It’s fun to organize and look at old photos.”

Olivia, who is also in 6th grade, said, “It’s good because you can design.”  

Not everyone was so positive.  One 7th grader member of the class said “this enrichment is meh because you don’t get to do much most of the time so it’s sort of boring.”

The process may be painstaking and laborious, but when the yearbook comes out on the last week of school, everyone appreciates the hard work of this enrichment class,