North Star at Home


Mrs. Snyder, Admin

We are all spending a lot more time at home these days. Some of you are filling up your time in interesting ways. Do you have a special hobby or talent? If so, let us know and we can put you in the newspaper. Here are some examples:

If you dable in art and are producing some wonderful artwork take a picture and sent it to us.
Do you like to bake? Take a snapshot of something delicious you made and sent it to us.
Are you a dancer? Send a video of yourself dancing.
Do you play a musical instrument? Send us a video of you playing your instrument
Are you a hiker? Next time your out take a snapshot of yourself in a beautiful spot and send it in.
Do you like to knit or sew things? Send us a shot of yourself modeling your creations.
Are you a writer? You can submit a short story or poem and we will runt it in the paper.
Do you make your own movies? We’d love to see one.
Does your family have a family board game night? Send us a picture!

We are open to any ideas you have for creative use of your free time!

All submissions should be emailed to Mrs. Snyder at [email protected] It must be clearly labeles with your first name, your grade and your homeroom.