The Cure for Boredom


Daniel and Emma T

Are you bored out of your mind? Do you need some advice from other students for activities? How about some online classes? This article includes some ideas for you to do when you have lost your mind. Due to the Corona Virus and many infamous fires going on around the Bay Area right now, nobody can get out of their house and play! In this article you can find out what activities other students like the best and recommend you!
Most of the people we interviewed recommended learning an instrument in their spare time and practice playing it. Henry from 5th grade said, “I recommend playing instruments if you are enthusiastic about them.” Also Samantha from 7th grade said, “ If you have the money and time I feel like learning a musical instrument is a great skill to acquire.” Penelope from 4th grade said about this, “Instruments are a good way to build patience and perseverance, and they also sound neat if you get them to work right.”
Also some students recommend reading and video games. Mrs. Sitte, the Guidance Counselor said, “Reading, listening to audiobooks or podcasts (especially funny ones), playing silly games on my phone, binging Netflix or Hulu, and drawing.” Also, Samantha stated, “Reading is a great activity as it is an easy way to pass the time and can be academic as well.”
Also some students like to play paper dice games like Dragons & Dungeons. Penelope from 4th grade said, “Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go to online Dungeons and Dragons, and it’s really fun. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys strategizing, role playing, or even just having fun with people as you demolish everything in your path and name an orc Bob!” You can check out NSA’s after school program with a story teller if you want to play Dragons & Dungeons.
Many students recommend playing board games with your family. “Playing board games sometimes relieves stress among your family,” said Juan from 7th grade. Simon from 3rd grade said, “I like playing Monopoly with my family.” And Henry, Hannah and Kiefer from 5th grade said that they like to play Monopoly too. Some of the students that like monopoly play different kinds like star wars or National Parks, and some like Henry like to play original. Maddy from 3rd grade said, “The games I enjoy playing with my family are animal crossing and the board game Santorini.” So yeah many students recommend board games. I personally enjoy playing board games very much! My recommendation is “Terraforming Mars” If you like long games.(It is about 1-2 hours if you play with no breaks.) It would be a great match for you especially if you are interested in space and of course, terraforming mars!
If you are still bored, Penelope from 4th grade said,”You can work on decorating your home for Halloween, because it’s something to do that I’ve found to be pretty fun, even when it’s more than a month away.” Hugo from 3rd grade said, “ I like to play hide and seek with my family and my favorite activities in my spare time doing art.” Ashley from 5th grade recommendation is, “Baking is the best thing to do when you are bored.” Also Hannah S recommended baking lessons.

So yeah hope this article helped you, and now you are full of ideas of enjoyable activities to do at home! If you have any other great ideas for fascinating activities just write down in the comment section.

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