A New Dad at Northstar

A New Dad at Northstar

Max S, Reporter

Did you know that we have a new father at North Star? On September 10th at 9:27 AM, after 27 hours of labor, Bridget Lynn Rosander Havey was brought into the world.  She weighed seven pounds and seven ounces when she was born. Mr. and Mrs. Havey did not have a gender test done before Bridget was born because they wanted to be surprised. They picked the name Bridget for their baby because they wanted to choose a traditional Irish name. Mr. Havey reports that Bridget loves to eat and sleep. “She makes really cute noises and only cries when she is really cold or really hungry. Being a father, so far, has been such an amazing experience. It’s like a whole new level of love that I didn’t even know existed. She is my whole world.” Bridget was born at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto. Mr. Havey was the only family member allowed into the hospital during the birth. Both Mr. Havey and his wife had to get tested for Covid before they were allowed in the hospital. 
Mr. Havey is very pleased to have a healthy young daughter. “To be honest, I am still a bit nervous. I love being a teacher and connecting with all my students, but I really need to be the best version of myself to raise a strong independent young woman.” All of the teachers and students that I spoke with all had the same message for Mr. Havey

Ethan C. from sixth grade said,  “ Mr. Havey is really nice and I know he will be a good father. He helps me out a lot when I have problems in class.”  

Mrs. Sitte said, “I know that he and his wife are very happy and that Bridget is in very good hands.”

 “They are a wonderful couple with strong family ties to both side of their family.  Mr. Havey will make a terrific dad and I think Bridget already knows that, ” Mrs. Sjolund  added.

‘I think Mr. Havey will be a great dad because he is really nice, kind and  funny.  He is also really patient.” says Hannah S.

A lot of people had good advice about his new baby.  The 4th grade teacher Mr. Robinson’s advice is  “Enjoy your new baby.  Cherish the moments.  Once they’re in preschool, you look away for ten seconds and they’re already in 2nd grade, then in the blink of a second they’re graduating from college and gone forever.”  

Mrs. Sjolund also had great advice,  “Don’t sweat the small stuff.  As a parent, I found the hardest thing is to ‘draw a line in the sand’ and stick to it.  By that I mean to set rules and guidelines for your children and don’t change them.  When a child looks at you with big eyes and says, ‘Please can I do ______?  Just this once?  I promise I won’t ask again.’  You want to give in, but then they learn they can get away with just about anything because they know you will cave.  It is difficult, but you can do it!”  

Mrs. Sitte had excellent advice, too: “To approach fatherhood a lot like he approaches teaching: be kind, be firm, be patient, and always be there for the kids!”  Mrs. Sitte also shared when Mr. Havey first told her he was having a baby,  “One day in Art Club, not sure when.  He asked me if I knew about the district policies on teachers taking paternity leave, just hypothetically/what if.  He was grinning and I knew he was talking about himself.”

Mr. Havey had really nice things to say about his wife, “Meredith is an excellent partner, and I am so excited to see her be an amazing mother as well. She is the smartest, kindest, most loving person I know.”

I think everyone can tell that Mr. Havey and his wife are definitely prepared for the baby.
Mr. Havey said,  “We think we are prepared. But every day we learn something new about ourselves and about what Bridget needs. Thank goodness our North Star parents and families have been so kind.  We really haven’t needed anything because of them! They are definitely our extended family.”  As you can see, Mr. Havey will be an amazing dad for years and years to come.  Congratulations, Mr. Havey!