Presidential Election and Debate — NSA Weighs In

Presidential Election and Debate -- NSA Weighs In

Lorenz, Reporter

Politics is a big, serious topic. The race to vote has become very heavy. The presidential debate on the 29th of September and the one on October 22nd really showed the two sides’ opinion. Some North Star students are excited about the 2020 presidential election.
Wren, a fourth grader says, “I believe Joe Biden will win the election because a lot of people I know support him and a lot of people support the changes he wants to make.”
According to the presidential polls, people in California prefer Biden over Trump.
Matthew, a sixth grader says that if minorities and women vote for Joe, then voter turnout will lead him to victory. Also, California has voted democrat since 1992. California has the most electoral votes in the U.S. in 55.
Voter turnout in the past has changed presidents. So it could happen.
Pranav is in fifth grade and is worried that Trump might win because a lot of people like him and are posting on social media to vote for him.
Trump has rapidly increased followers on Twitter, making him skyrocket up to 80.3 million followers and making him the eighth most followed account on the website. There are 331 million people in the US, of which, 330 million people in the US have Twitter accounts, making it one of the most popular social media websites.
Another Student,, Avi in fourth grade says that because our governor, Gavin Newsom is democrat, people might think of him as an idol, and vote for democrats.
. Some people are scared that Trump might get in again, and some are confident that Biden will overthrow the president. 272 people responded to a recent poll, of which 93.0 percent want Biden to win, and 7.0 want Trump. Here are some of the comments students made on the poll.
One third grader says, “Joe Biden is a very smart and intelligent person. He is also kind and cares about many people. He will make sure that everyone is treated well and will make necessary decisions. Donald Trump is not doing the best job as president right now.”
Another third grader wants Trump to win. “I want Donald Trump to win because I like the laws he has made”
A sixth grader feels strongly about it. “For one, we’ve all already seen what Trump is doing to America despite his promises. For two, Biden is more likely to be reasonable and take advice from the experts, instead of completely rejecting it. Trump is saying that you shouldn’t wear masks out in public (“it is unnecessary”) when experts say you should, and to also prove this, Trump got COVID 19. He says that hydroxychloroquine and a bunch of other unchecked drugs work on COVID, and he is just saying this to reassure the public, and of course it is a) not true, and b) not reassuring the public at all.”
A 5th grader says, “I think Trump would make a better president because he will not raise taxes. Also he will ban Tik-tok which steals personal information.” Another 5th grader said the main reason why they like Biden is in the first debate. They say, “I think this because during the debate Donald Trump kept interrupting Joe Biden but he did not freak out. That means he will most likely not freak out in situations like this. Also, Donald Trump lies a lot about ballots and how people are stealing them. But this is just my opinion.”
A North Star student says that they think Trump will win “I think Donald Trump will win the presidential election because Joe Biden would remove Donald Trump’s tax policy for businesses and like Donald Trump said we might go into the worst depression.”
Election day is today, though officials say that since the number of mail – ballots are more than any year, it may take a couple days, to even a week to count all of them. Biden can count on California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington DC, Washington, to vote Democrat.
Trump can count on Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Montana, Kansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, North Dakota and South Dakota.
The swing states include Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina. These are the real battlegrounds for a candidate. Trump and Biden both are trying to persuade Florida because it has the most electoral votes of the swing states. The Democrats have 247 electoral votes, the Republicans have 179, and the swing states hold 117 if you are a candidate, you need 270 electoral votes to win.
In 2016, everybody thought that Hillary Clinton would win. They were having parties for the first woman president. And you know who won. Instead of getting states to vote Republican, Trump shaved off states of the Democrat side. He may try the strategy again.

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