Ballet Dancer’s Experience of NSA

Piper, Reporter

Let’s take a look at a former North Star student’s life. This story is a glimpse into a former North Star student and what their life is like now as a young adult. We asked Louise Hautefeuille to share some of her favorite memories of her time at North Star.
Louise, now a dancer with the Boston Ballet, attended North Star from 3rd grade to 8th grade, 2010-2016. A few of her teachers were Ms. Martin, Mrs. Frazier and Mr. Cagel. She also had the Fabulous Ms. Snyder in 3rd grade!
Her favorite Math unit was the “The BizWorld Unit in 5th grade! I don’t know if North Star is still doing it but we went through a “business unit” in math where we mimicked a company. We were put into groups that were supposed to represent businesses (with a CEO, director of finance, marketing…) and we “sold” friendship bracelets.”
In History she enjoyed learning about American History with Mr. Duncan. “In 8th grade you study the history of the United States and when we get to the unit on how our founding fathers created our government. We reenacted the Constitutional Convention (the meetings the leaders of the country had to create our government rules).” They even had to dress up in powdered wigs.
“We went through all the different debates that actually happened, including the Bill of Rights (a document added later to protect our rights as citizens). To this day I still remember some of the deep controversial discussions we had!”
These days, Louise attends online classes at Northeastern University and dances with the Boston Ballet. “I left California when I was 15 and moved to Boston to dance with Boston Ballet school.”
Ballet takes up most of her time so she does online school, even before the pandemic. When Louise was 17 she got a contract with Boston Ballet and it is now her second year in the company. Louise says “Thanks to a partnership with Boston Ballet, I get a scholarship to take college classes at Northeastern University. I decided to get a Health Sciences undergraduate degree and so far I’ve loved it!”
Louise practices her Ballet in small social distance groups due to the pandemic. She has to wear a mask and follow strict procedures. Also due to the pandemic, Boston Ballet isn’t able to perform.

I really enjoyed writing this article because, as a first year North Star student I learned that you can become a successful student and pursue her dream as a ballerina. Louise told us what some of her favorite memories were at North Star. I hope This will inspire students to make new memories at North Star.