UC Berkeley Student Is Grateful for her Experience at NSA

UC Berkeley Student Is Grateful for her Experience at NSA

Piper, Reporter

     From the auditorium to the consulting office, Audrey Baker’s educational and artistic upbringing continues to inspire her life even today. Recently she met with a Gryphon Gazette staff member and  shared some students’ old memories of their school experience.

    Audrey is now a student at UC Berkeley and she performs in musicals on the side. “I think that the challenging classes at North Star helped me prepare for high school, which helped me prepare for college at UC Berkeley,” she added

Audrey joined North Star in 6th grade and continued on to graduate from North Star at the end of 8th grade. She says that her passion for the musicals at North Star really inspires her when she performs in  Musicals today. She enjoyed singing and dancing with her friends when she did the musicals at North Star. To Audrey, “…the community at North Star allowed me to grow into my own — whether it was on stage, on the playground, or in the classroom, North Star was a safe place to be myself”.

Although Audrey’s Friends encouraged her to come to North Star her passion for acting made her want to come too. Audrey says “I applied because I wanted to be with my friends and because I really wanted to be in a musical.” The theater was one of the main things that Audrey liked at North Star.

Audrey was really grateful for her experience at North Star, saying, “Something I couldn’t have anticipated is that the friends I made at North Star are still my support system to this day, nearly 20 years later”. Her exposure at North Star brought her friends closer to her and still continue to work with her today. Audrey is so grateful with the time she had at North Star.