New science Teacher: Manasa, Suresh

“A smile is the universal Welcome” -Max Eastman


Katherine, Reporter

We would like to welcome Ms. Suresh with one as well. This year, a new teacher joined our North Star family. Her name is Ms.Suresh, and she is a wonderful teacher.  She is teaching Science. Mrs. Suresh is also known for her professional teaching of singing and for her music classes. Many people have said great things about her. 

“I don’t know if there’s a right or wrong way to teach science”, she said.  “It’s really interactive and fun. I like that you can talk a lot, and use your hands. 

She added that she thought science would be interesting and fun because “…you can build stuff and do lots of creative things. Also the kids are amazing. They are all really fun and nice.” 

Ms. Suresh has been teaching at North Star since August. She has been doing well and the students seem to love her. 

“I have taught music for 15 year now and I really enjoy it. Before coming to North Star I taught at Penn Valley, Narberth, Pennsylvania, and Abbott Middle School, in San Mateo. I believe that in life there are many wonderful things and so many that matter to me,” she said .

Mrs. Suresh said she came to North Star because , “Well honestly I was interviewing, and one of the places that I had to interview was North Star. I really liked my interview and Ms. Shackel, so I felt like this school would be a wonderful, and fun place to work in” 

During enrichment Mrs. Suresh shares her other passion with her students — music.

             ”I have been a musician since I was a kid and I have done lots of performances worldwide and decided to double a little deeper into those styles. She said,  and added that “I got to talk to my friends that were in many different styles of music.  Once I had a friend come in once and hosted a small performance for the class.. My husband and I did a duet in Indian music. It was fun. It was nice to be collaborative and include all of my friends and experiences.” 

With all her duties and her varied interests, Mrs. Suresh has to juggle many things.

“I try to keep a basic routine, I try to do my grading at a certain time. I have  a schedule as well.” She added that she takes time to relax as well.  “When  you are happy you can do more things that you like better.”

In her off time, Mrs. Suresh said she likes to play different musical instruments, read, hang out with her family.

 “One thing I realized that lockdown has helped me with is getting to read and relax more.” 

The teachers are still getting adjusted to having Ms.Suresh around but they are filled with joy to see a new face. 

“During DL, it’s been weird to have new teachers like Ms.Suresh to work with because we haven’t met in person.  However, thanks to Zoom and G.MEET we can still all work together when we have 7th/8th-grade teacher team meetings” says Ms.Vance, who teaches Language Arts. 

“As a new teacher, there is always room for improvement, however, Ms. Suresh works REALLY hard and asks really great questions to veteran teachers like me so that she can get the assistance she needs,” Ms. Vance added.

Ms. Fadel, who teaches math said. “It feels great to have new teachers.  I think she is a wonderful addition to North Star. She is very kind, nice, and flexible. It appears students love her. She really jumped in and went with the flow.” It appears that Ms. Suresh is fitting in just fine during her teacher training and more. 

  The students agree that Ms. Suresh is a fine addition to North Star “I like how Ms. Suresh is caring and understanding. It benefits a lot of us students. Her teaching is fun and enjoyable. I don’t think she needs any kind of change of improvement,”  said 7th grader student Samantha, and added “I enjoy the discussions. Everybody is able to express himself without being judged and it’s nice.”  

Aaron from her 7th grade class seems to like Ms. Suresh as well.  He said she “… is nice and fun, I like the activities and how she presents the lessons.”  and added , “Whenever I am about to go to her class I feel excited and filled with curiosity wondering of what we are gonna learn.  She is a really kind teacher.  She is good at explaining and she responds to questions well.” 

By all accounts, Ms. Suresh is off to a great start and we are glad that she has joined us.

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