“Push Yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you” – Ms. Keller 


Katherine, Reporter

     We have had many teachers come and go. Last year, Ms. Keller retired in June of 2020. The Pandemic had started and many teachers began to feel the need to protect themselves now more than ever. Ms.Keller was one of them. 

      “I had wanted to work another year, but I didn’t feel comfortable teaching during the pandemic. I was old enough to retire and people my age can have severe complications, so I retired to let someone younger and healthier take over,”  she said.  

       Ms. Keller taught at North Star for fifteen years, mainly 7th and 8th grade Science and Math and held multiple fun enrichments. We all miss Ms.Keller and wish only the best for her. The subjects she taught varied during the years. 

      “I taught 8th grade science every year. Some years I thought about 7th grade science. Some years I taught 7th grade math. I taught a lot of technology oriented enrichment classes as well,”  she said.  “LEGO robotics was a popular one. Codebreakers was one of my favorites. During the last few years I taught coding classes using the curriculum set up by the same group that runs Hour of Code.” she added. 

     That sounds fun! She had been a teacher for so long, and was amazing at doing her job. Ms. Keller had many memorable times here at North Star. 

     “I loved the Climate Change March. I also liked the solar eclipse and putting together to safely watch what was going on with the sun,” she said, and added “I remember when the space shuttle was retired. It traveled over North Star on its way to its final storage location. All the students were outside on the blacktop trying to locate it in the sky. There was a lot of excitement that day. I also enjoyed all the plays the students put on.”  

      Now that she has left teaching we all have been wondering, What has she been doing during her retirement? “I have started writing a book. I am finding it is a lot of work but very rewarding. The more time I spend writing, the easier it gets. I have about 55,000 words written. I never thought I would get that far. I still have another 40,000 to go, so, halfway there.”  she said.

      While Ms. Keller is working on her book, she said she may look for another job when the pandemic winds down,  “…but only because it is a great way to meet and talk with people.” 

      Ms. Keller was an amazing teacher here at North Star  Academy. We really hope she has amazing days, and lives her life to the fullest. She gives some advice to younger teachers as well. She said  “Stay organized, but learn to handle chaos. Stuff you hadn’t counted on is going to happen, like the network going down. What students really want, at such times, is to know how it affects them, their workload, and their grade.” -Ms.Keller.  What great advice. We all hope you continue to live your days full of joy and happiness. We wish only the best for Ms.Keller. She is an inspiring retired teacher and every student who has had her should be and is grateful for her amazing teaching skills and more.

A special thanks to Ms. Keller who took from her time for the interview