NSA Students Have Many Different Ways to Celebrate the Winter Holidays


Daniel, Reporter

     Because of the high number of Covid cases here in California, many students and teachers at North Star, along with other people in the area, couldn’t celebrate their winter holidays normally. They had to celebrate in masks or online/home, making otherwise fun times seem dull.

     Tessa from 8th grade said, “I was not able to meet up with my family over Christmas because of covid, so instead we had zooms, which was nice as well, but not the same as seeing everyone in person.” 

     Taylor from 8th grade also had found Covid as a stumbling block to her family’s celebrations, “On new years me and my family usually stay home, but this year we didn’t go on a walk with friends, or have a new years day party.” Third  grader, Beata said, “I could not stay over at my grandparents house like we usually do.  We did visit them wearing masks in the sunroom.”

    According to a survey  from Ms. Pinto, 80 percent of her class’s favorite winter holiday is Christmas. And Ms. Pinto herself likes Christmas, also celebrating a sequence of winter events, 3 days in a row: New Year Eve, New Year Day, and then her birthday!  

    Hanukkah is also a holiday celebrated by many students, Hannah from 5th grade said, “I like Hanukkah because I get to see my family that live far away who I don’t get to see that often.” Ruby from 8th grade also celebrates Hanukkah, “We have only recently started to celebrate Hannakuh.”

    Diwali , another winter holiday was mentioned by a few North Start students.  It takes place on a date that changes every year, usually in November, still close to winter. Kaeyur from 6th grade said, “For Diwali we make art with colored powder, then we have these rods that when they are lit with fire they sparkle, we play around with them and have fun.”

    One of the most common explanations I got from people about why they like winter holidays was that they get to meet with the family. “It is my favorite holiday because I get to spend time with my family and my mom who is always working,” says Kiefer from 5th grade. Tessa said, “I love seeing all of my family.” “I get to see my extended family and see the happy look on their faces when I get them a present,” says Keegan from 6th grade.

     Pranav, Clinton and Alexander, all from 5th grade, said that they most liked to give and receive the presents at Christmas. While Sanah from 6th grade says that she likes Diwali cause, “It is fun to see all the lights going on and drawing chalk drawings as well.”

NSA students found many interesting ways to celebrate the holidays during this pandemic.