NSA yearbooks 2020-2021, in the making

NSA yearbooks 2020-2021, in the making

Max, Reporter

Usually at this time of year the yearbook team is busily planning the yearbook, but because of COVID they have to do it from a distance. Many students haven’t had the chance to see their classmates this year due to the pandemic.  With the online formats it’s been harder for teachers and students to connect virtually. Students have been using platforms such as Zoom and Google meet for their calls. Some students have had trouble with their chromebooks because they lag too much. All this is going to make the yearbook that much more meaningful.  

It was challenging for the yearbook staff to do distance learning and make the yearbook. That makes it even harder to make the yearbook. Some of the staff had technical trouble working together. The theme of the yearbook is distance learning and how students are handling this. 

Mrs. Pinto said, “One new section is third grade teachers doing home visits, another is students and their pets, other sections will be a surprise!” Because this year is so special there will be more new interesting categories. Ariane from 6th grade said, “Since there were some pages we couldn’t do, such as field trips, we replaced those with pages like elementary and middle school pods.” If you want to order a yearbook it will be on northstar.picaboo.com. There are two versions of the yearbook Softcover ($25)  and Hardcover ($35).

 There will be no name embossed yearbooks. The last day to order your yearbook is April 15, 2021. We expect these yearbooks to fly off the shelfs — a souvenir from this most memorable school year!