Photography Enrichment 2020-2021

Photography Enrichment 2020-2021

Malia and Adam

North Star’s Photography enrichment is home to a number of budding artists.   The class is  taught by a parent,  Mrs. Garrino, who is a professional photographer, and 5th grade teacher Mrs. Sjolund. Students who don’t have cameras can borrow one so that they can participate in the enrichment. In photography enrichment you learn all sorts of things such as  what the camera symbols mean and tips on photography where you learn what Rule of Thirds and Fill the Frame are.  You will also find yourself knowing by the end of the enrichment how to make your own mini studio! 

Photography opened the eyes to some students who found out that they loved taking photos. “I found out that photography was really fun and a great way to express yourself. That’s why I love it now,” said  Mira, one of the former students. 

Having a long standing interest in photography Mrs. Sjolund chose to teach in the popular photography enrichment class.


 “I love taking pictures and I’ve always wanted to learn more about how to take even better pictures.” 

A typical class for the photography enrichment can vary. It depends on who the teacher is that day.

 “We have two typical classes, we have one where Mrs. Garrino comes in and actually talks about a particular aspect of photography. Maybe the next day they come in, I see that everybody is there, then we briefly review the lesson and we send them out on an asynchronous day,” said Mrs. Sjolund.

          “I think Ms. Garrino, and Ms. Sjolund taught the class really well. I loved when they gave examples of when she was taking the pictures, how she used the strategies she was telling us about,” said Mira

 Mrs. Sjolund  said she likes photography because,“It’s such an individual art form, we can all look at the same bowl of fruit or landscape yet we can all take a picture and see it slightly differently.” 

 Asher,from the photograph enrichment said, “My grandma was really into art and it’s a form of art and it is good for expression.” 

The students say the class is a lot of fun  “I like how I’m learning new techniques and how I can get more focused on my pictures,”   said  Maithili. 

I’ve never used a camera before and how to edit but now I do,” said


                  Despite being one of the photography enrichment’s teachers, Mrs. Sjolund has still learned some things about photography.  “I’ve learned that most photographers don’t take a picture and leave it that way. They always edit it, so now I am tempted to go in and do more editing,”  she said.

“I’ve learned a ton of editing techniques,” said Asher D.  Neveah, who is in the class said, “I like how it teaches you new techniques and how you can learn to take pictures.”

        This popular enrichment keeps kids entertained during the pandemic even while social distancing.

  “I think it’s really accessible to a lot of people because a lot of kids these days have phones, so they can take pictures on them if nothing else although we are trying to get them to use actual cameras,” said Mrs. Sjolund.

 In December, the Photography Enrichment class had a show of their photographs.  Each student created an exhibit that was displayed on Mrs.Garrino’s front lawn. The display consists of four of the photographer’s favorite photos from the whole enrichment.  They were mounted  all on a white panel with their names on it.  The Exhibit was  spread out across the lawn in a semicircle of boards with the photographs and you could see it until December 21.