Former NSA Student Becomes a Soccer Coach

Former NSA Student Becomes a Soccer Coach

Piper, Reporter

From the classroom to the Soccer field, Emily Kruger’s school experience helped her prepare to be a Soccer coach. Emily had a passion for Soccer and teaching others how to play, so she decided to go to UC Berkeley. Emily says,  “I went to UC Berkeley on a soccer scholarship and after graduating I played professionally with the Portland Thorns for a few seasons!” Emily enjoys her job as a Soccer coach. “I love the variety of work that I get to engage in,” said Emily Kruger.


During Emily’s years at North Star, she learned many things, both academically and socially. She said that she learned how to speak the truth, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  Emily Kruger was at North Star from 3rd grade through 8th grade. Some of Emily’s favorite teachers were Ms. Lozano and Ms. Snyder in 3rd grade! Mr. Burke for PE. Ms. Stitt in middle school for English. Miss Fizz in 4th grade. And many, many more!


Some of Emily’s favorite things from her time at North Star were: Hanging with friends at lunch and after school.Oh my, goodness and Enrichment! I took some super cool classes with teachers I wouldn’t have met otherwise, ” Emily said, Something that stands out, at this moment, is the peer mediation program.”


Some advice that Emily would like to tell all of the students and even adults is to wonder “why?” about the ways our society and communities function.  Wonder why, “When you see something that seems unjust, confusing, or just not quite right, learn more about why and how that something came to be,” Emily said, “When you see something that feels beautiful, amazing, or super helpful, learn more about that something as well. Don’t just let it happen to you without wondering ‘why’…that way we can create more awesome and just communities in the future!”