Project Cornerstone

Max, Reporter

Since the pandemic, many students haven’t been able to see their friends and have difficulty relaxing in the new distance learning format. However, at NSA we have a program called Project Cornerstone, that helps these students with their emotional and social troubles. Project Cornerstone is a program run through the YMCA in Santa Clara. This program instills positive character, good decision making, empathy, and dealing with emotions. The counselor for North Stars Project Cornerstone is Mrs. Sitte. 

The YMCA picks the books for the program that show characters dealing with emotions. Mrs. Sitte said one of her favorite books is “The Empty Pot, ” by Demi. Mrs. Sitte took on leadership of  North Star’s  Project Cornerstone 7 years ago, but North Star started doing the program 8 years ago. Before she started counseling Project Cornerstone, she was also a counselor at a summer science camp like at Northstar today. Since it’s been difficult teaching in distance learning, Mrs. Sitte found new ways to present books. She usually uses her kindle and finds the e-books on it.

 Other times she shares her screen and watches a read aloud Youtube video about the book they are reading. Mrs. Sitte is helped by the parents , who volunteer to teach many of the lessons., “North Star has some of the most amazing, creative, generous, and loving families and I really love supporting the parents in leading the lessons and I learn as much from them as the kids do.  Without the parents we wouldn’t even have this program.  I’m so hopeful that in the fall we can get back on track and in the classrooms with all of you!” she said.  

Project Cornerstone teaches students good ways to deal with emotions, and it has made a significant impact on the lives of the students here at North Star.