Google Meet vs Zoom

Google Meet vs Zoom

Emma, Reporter

With more people attending Virtual classrooms and working from home, you might be wondering what the best way is to communicate with your colleagues, classmates, and teachers. Nowadays, thanks to the web, there are many options for meeting up online, ensuring that you can learn and work from home easily.

Two of the most popular online communication tools are Google Meet and Zoom, which are used by workplaces and classrooms around the world. Both provide the ability to interact with other participants through video conferencing, making it so businesses and schools can conduct video meetings and lessons through a variety of devices. 

Google Meet is a video communication platform used by a lot of people. Though it may not be as well known as Zoom, it is still a worldwide platform. 

Nuvya S, a 7th grader at North Star says, “I like Google Meet better. I just feel like it is so much cleaner and easier to use. It’s just more modern.”  

She adds, “I really like how in Google Meet, it gives you the option to turn your camera or mic on/off before you go into the meet. Zoom breakout rooms are a bit glitchy and they turn on your camera as soon as you get in them.”

Zoom is another large video conferencing platform used by many. This online application is used by around 200 million people a day. 

Ms. Fadel, a 7th grade math teacher, uses Zoom. She says, “There’s certain things I like better about Zoom than Google Meet. I like Zoom’s breakout rooms. I do wish they would work better in Zoom for the students on their chromebooks, though.”

“I think Zoom is better for large meetings, it doesn’t minimize the sizes of the squares, while Google Meet does.”

There are also people who don’t have that big of an opinion on which platform to use. 

Mrs. Robinson, a 5th grade math teacher, is one of them. She says, “I’ve gone back and forth from Zoom and Google Meet a lot. There’s good things about both of them. I like the Google Meet breakout rooms and how you can move kids around in them. It is easy in both Google Meet and Zoom to poke in and see what they are working on. It’s also easy in Google Meet how you don’t have to admit people to get in, they can just get in by themselves.”

Both video chat platforms have their ups and downs. Some people prefer one more than the other, and vise versa. There are also people who don’t have that big of an opinion. Which platform do you prefer?

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