Retired Teacher – Ms. Rinehart

“I loved teaching at NSA!” – Ms. Rinehart.

Retired Teacher - Ms. Rinehart

Daniel, Reporter

You might have heard about Ms. Rinehart as a sub, but if you are new, have you heard that Ms. Rinehart was a teacher at North Star?  Well if you didn’t know that,  you know about it now! 

Ms. Rinehart let us three years ago.  “I retired because my husband was retiring from his job and I felt it would give us time together,” said Ms. Rinehart. 

“I taught at NSA for 15 years, ending with my retirement in June, 2018. However I continued subbing at NSA for another 2 years. For the first 12 years I taught Spanish and finished the last 3 years as a 4th grade teacher,” explained Ms. Rinehart.

One of Ms. Rineharts favorite memories was walking ninety Spanish students at a time to a local Mexican restaurant to practice speaking Spanish and celebrate our enjoyment of learning Spanish. Ms. Rinehart said, “A favorite memory of mine is of the fun times I had with the 4th graders at Gold Rush Camp!”

One of the hardest parts about teaching at NSA for Ms. Rinehart was, “During my time as the only Spanish teacher, and having about 360 students each year!” Can you imagine that? Ms. Reinhart added, “But I actually didn’t really mind because I got to know and enjoy so many students that way!” 

“Now I am subbing and doing English Language Proficiency Assessment testing online for the RCSD.”


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