She left her mark on the hearts and minds of many current and former North Star Students


Katherine, Reporter

In June of 2018 Ms. Lozano, a beloved North Star Teacher, retired. Her husband had retired and it was time to do the same.

“I think the biggest reason I retired at that time was because my husband decided to retire that fall, around Thanksgiving time. He decided that he was going to retire and he kept telling me that I should retire so that we could do things together. He would tell me that I should retire so he would not be home alone.” 

“At first I didn’t want to, but there were a lot of little things that made me go ahead and decide, okay I will retire, and so I did.” She said 

Ms. Lozano taught at North Star for 20 years, mostly 3rd grade math and science. She is remembered for her hands-on learning projects like the marble drop, the labs and the paper mache solar system, made to scale.  She also hosted a lot of fun clubs that many students remember even today.

“I hosted a lot of clubs at North Star. Some of these are the math club , science launch, Save it now, coding club, Stitchery club where the students would learn to embroider.  There was also one called looming but it was for people who like to do the Rainbow Loom, with rubber bands. For a while we had a challenge to try and see if we could beat the record for having  the longest single chain.”  

Ms. Lozano has played a big part in our school. She not only made many educational clubs but she also made them lots of fun. Many students participated in these clubs over the years and learned a lot of new things — as well as getting time to enjoy themselves and make new friends.  In addition to all the clubs she  also created an amazing program that has gone on for years now —  the buddy program, which is still in existence today!. 

Before becoming a teacher Ms. Lozano had other plans.  “I wanted to be a nurse or a Peace Corps worker. I always admired Ms. Snyder because she was in the Peace Corps and another teacher from North Star Mrs. Fine went to the Peace Corps after she retired. So yeah I wanted to be a nurse or work with the Peace Corps.” 

However, she  switched plans and decided to become a teacher when she had her own kids.  

“I used to go volunteer at my daughters school and got to do activities like spirit activities, and things like that. I actually had never really spent a lot of time as an adult out of school and I really liked it and that’s when I decided maybe I could try teaching. I didn’t know that I would like it so much. When my daughter was in second grade I went back to school to become a teacher” 

After an amazing career as a teacher, Ms. Lozano decided that she needed  to spend time with her family and maybe use her knowledge to help others. 

“I have been organizing my work. I also wanted to write a book with all my heart, about all my math work because I have created a lot of math curriculum, she said and added, “… but I’m still in the process of getting organized for that. I have traveled a little. I have been FaceTiming with my grandkids a lot. I did Math and Science tutoring with my grand kids too.”

Even though Ms. Lozano is retired and she has always found a way to spread her knowledge and her love of humanity.  She said she cares most about, “…people’s well-being but not only just people. I feel like everything life on earth needs to be safe and be respected,” she said.  “I think that is what matters most is this life is appreciating life and valuing the time that we have.”  She added that everyone should be given “given a chance to contribute and do something good for the world and that’s what matters to me right now.”

Many of Ms. Lozano’s former students look up to her and will continue even if she is retired. She also gives awesome advice to her students and her colleagues.. 

“The most important thing I would say to a new teacher is that they try to make their interactions with the students and the work that they give them relevant. That means make it about something that matters to the kids, something that they could see a connection to. Even if it’s just a simple way to solve a math problem. Whenever a teacher can do that they help the student in a way that they never imagined.” 

Ms. Lozano has many fond memories from her time here.  Her favorite memories are the times when she was just “being excited with the kids. And being able to talk to them, and see their smiles, and see them doing their projects, and getting hugs as I walked down the hallway. Not only this but just feeling all the positive energy coming from the staff and the students.”   


For Ms. Lozano the best part of teaching is probably “…all the bonds you are able to make. You are able to build a small community and a family with the staff and the students.”   

The hardest part of teaching, she said  “was keeping up with all the grading of the work that needed to be done or having to give grades. I think that it would be best if we teachers can convince all the students to just love learning because it’s great to be learning and to be a student all your life and just be learning all the time. So it was harder grading and having to give a status report and things like that” 

One thing she misses about teaching is, “…all that positive energy, all that happiness from the kids. I really miss seeing a student get excited when they understand something. When people would just want to run and give you a hug because they heard or read a good book or because now they can do something new. I really miss this feeling.”

Many students will carry Ms. Lozano in their heart for she was always there for her students and she also helped them learn a lot of new and fascinating things. We really miss Ms. Lozano but she will always be an important part of the North Star Family. 


Special thanks to Ms. Lozano for taking from her time to do this interview. 

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