Distance Learning – P.E.

Get out of your chair and move around!

Fyo, Sports Reporter

Even in the unflinching environment of Shelter-In-Place, many students still find time to exercise in many different creative ways. Students are expected to record their minutes of activity on a log that they turn in every two weeks.  NSA students are very clever at finding ways to meet this requirement.  For example, some students are skateboarding and rollerblading. 

Mr. Cagle tells us some common sports students do, “A lot of students say that they go hiking, bicycling, some of it is off road and some of it is just bicycling around the neighborhood.” 

“Activity is important,” said Mr. Cagle.  There have been studies that show students who are engaged in physical activity, something more than just recess, do better in their academic classes.

“Even recess will improve students’ performance academically,” said Mr. Cagle. He added that there’s even more improvement if there is some sort of coordinated activity that’s led. “It doesn’t have to be super serious but it just has to be some sort of organized activity,” he said.

“There’s definitely a correlation that students will perform better in the classroom in all academic subjects if they’re provided organized activity on campus.” said Mr. Cagle,  “However, we can’t meet in person to do normal PE classes.”  This is why the PE activity logs are important.

What special activities can people do during Shelter-In-Place? Mr. Cagle responded by saying, “Since people live in different neighborhoods, and are being supervised differently, take advantage of it if you have the ability to go outside. There’s walking, hiking, bicycling, kicking a ball around, jumping, or playing basketball.”  There is even a North Star student who chases her chickens around the yard! With all of these ideas, there’s bound to be one activity that suits your interests. So get moving and record your PE activities!

Write in the comments below what you do for your activity logs!