North Star Families Head to the Slopes For Ski Week!

Have you had a good ski week?

North Star Families Head to the Slopes For Ski Week!

Malia, Reporter

North Star hasn’t had Ski Week for almost a decade. True to its name, Ski Week, usually in February, happens when there is a lot of snow.  Last week students and staff had a respite from the stress of distance learning.  

Aryan, one of many scholars leaving for Ski Week said, “I am excited  for Ski Week! I am going to my cousin’s house and we can only visit them during breaks, such as this one. ” 

Numerous others go skiing or just relax for a week. “I am very excited, I’m going skiing!” says Maddie from 5th grade. Many people leave to snowy areas to ski or do other Winter sports. Ski Week is also called President’s Week because President Lincoln and President Washington both have birthdays that week. North Star usually has four days off for the presidents birthdays, but this year we have 3 extra days! 

However, not just students are excited for the prolonged break. Mrs. Robinson from 5th grade says, “I’m going to sew with my new sewing machine and go on lots of hikes. I will also read books and drink tea!” Everyone is so excited for Ski Week! 

“I think we should have had it before.  A lot of families like to take their kids to the snow and it is very rare when and where you can do that during Winter or spring break,” Mrs. Robinson said. The decision wasn’t made by Mrs. Shackel though, It was made in the district.  All the teachers are given a chance to vote on several suggested schedules each year.  

“We would have had it earlier but ski week wasn’t one of the choices before, so of course we said yes when we got it,” said Mrs. Robinson.

Many people are leaving for ski week but due to the pandemic, RCSD advises everyone to quarantine after your trip and to stay away from places where it is crowded.  Everyone:  Have fun but stay safe!

Write in the comments how was your ski week!

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