Back At School Changes

North Star returns to In-Person!

Back At School Changes

Ava, Reporter

Many things have changed now that people are going in person and back at school. With people coming to school it’s hard to adjust to the new things about school. 

We wash our hands more, wear masks and stay a little further apart from each other.  There have been changes but a lot has remained the same.

Ms. Snyder, a 5th grade teacher shared her thoughts about what she likes more now than before. She said, “Having to teach online for a year – it’s made me appreciate my students more.” 

“I wish the classes were smaller because 31 is just a lot, but I really liked last spring because it was just 12 students at a time and I got to interact with them more,” Mrs. Snyder said about what she didn’t like this year. 

Mrs. Noriega, the vice principal, said she thinks it might be hard for the students to adjust to not having some of the extra- curricular activities like spring musicals and field trips.  Students will have to adjust to things like field trips and plays, that we used to do, being changed or canceled. “But overall,” she added  “I think they did a great job adjusting.” 

Ms. Shackel was asked how she thought the changes will help and/or benefit the students and staff.  “I think that being in person helps students learn more not just in academics but things that are enjoyable.”

Some field trips such as Outdoor Education will still happen.  This year’s 6th graders will get to make up for their missed experience from last year and will be going Next month.  The 5th graders will be going to Outdoor Ed. in February.

Israel, the North Star janitor, has a lot more work these days.  Instead of cleaning the rooms every three days he now has to clean them every other day.  He said he doesn’t really mind the extra work.  “I think the change for me is ok but because I have to sanitize more also the kids have to clean,” he said.

In order to socialize, you need to be around people, but during distance learning, we couldn’t really interact with each other in person. Now we are interacting more often, like before Covid-19. 

  Things have changed now that we are back in school. Many people are happy but others prefer how it was before.

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