Lunchtime at North Star Academy!

Cafeteria is now free!

Lunchtime at North Star Academy!

Elizabeth and Dennis

Ring! Ring! It’s the lunch bell! Unlike last year, this year North Star Academy is serving hot lunch for free! Many people find this helpful because they can save money for other things.

Some students like the hot lunch food while other students feel like the food is not right for them.  We asked some students what they would like the hot lunch to have and we got these answers. Francis M. from 3rd grade says, “Peaches, muffins, and cheese less pizza.” Eleanor W., a 3rd grader, says, “I want pasta, grapes, and BLT for Hot Lunch.” Hot lunch menu

We then asked some students if they would like hot lunch to have dessert. The majority of students replied yes.  Eleanor W. said “I think there should be ice cream, jellybeans and pie for dessert. I also want a fruit bowl with extra mango.” Francis M. adds to that saying, “with extra raspberries and chocolate.”

          We asked one of the servers, Rommel, why he got his job and what he likes about it. He says “My favorite part of my job is serving the kids. I have had this job for 3 years. I got this job because my son was here. He is now at Sequoia High School. Before this I was a nurse and administrator at Stanford hospital.” We are very glad that the servers like their job. 

When we asked Tatum G. from 5th grade if she felt that there was enough food for her to eat she replied, “No. There is not enough food for me to be entirely full.” Another student, Natalia C. from 5th grade, replied “Yes. There is enough food