Mrs. Sitte’s Guidance

Always there for you whenever you need it!

Mrs. Sitte’s Guidance

Malia, Reporter

If you are going through trauma, have a problem, or simply need air conditioning there is one person you can always count on who will be with you no matter what, Mrs. Sitte.  

“She is always there for you whenever you need it!” Exclaims 6th grader Julia V.  

Mrs. Sitte is North Star’s counselor who has been here a long time — since 2014.  Mrs. Sitte is a born counselor, “When I was a 6th grader, I was invited to be a peer counselor. Peers nominate you. At first I wanted to be a teacher but that program made me want to be a counselor,”  she said.

She has helped many students and is considered one of the most reliable people here at North Star.   She not only helps with issues but also the buddy program and Project Cornerstone. 

6th grader Mira said Mrs. Sitte is a great Project Cornerstone teacher.

“I love Project Cornerstone because of the books,” said Mrs. Sitte.  

Before the pandemic many people used to go into her office for lunch and sometimes recess, 

“It was super fun, I enjoyed it a lot!” said  6th grader Cira F., Smiling at the memories. “Not only did Mrs.Sitte let people into her office but she also had fun things to do!

Many North Star Students have fond memories of lunch with Mrs. Sitte.  “She is super nice, she always has great books and always talks to us.” said 5th Grader Julia. ”She believes you. She lets you have your own voice,” she added.

Many might come to her with things like troubles with friends, bullies, and even teacher problems. She always listens. Mrs. Sitte says, “I love being a counselor. I love how I can focus on just the kids who need me the most.” 

Sometimes drama can break friends apart but if you take care to sign up for an appointment you can learn to understand each other. 

“Mrs. Sitte lets you take as much time as you need to calm down and recover from a problem,” says Cira F.  

“She is amazing for all students!” Says Ms. Shackel, North Star and Mckinley’s principal. Mrs. Shackel and Mrs. Sitte share many things including a fondness for the show Gilmore Girls.“I love that she is funny, that she loves art and books, and I love that she loves the Gilmore Girls as much as I do,” Says Ms. Shackel. 

“I love Gilmore Girls as much as or more than Ms. Shackel,” said  Mrs. Sitte.  

Mrs. Sitte almost didn’t come to North Star! “I was working at two other schools in the district but the funding got cut off and I was recommended here.” 

Mrs. Sitte even has a child of her own.  6th grader Mira said, “I think because she has a kid of her own she understands a little more.” 

Mrs. Sitte disagrees, “I don’t think that having Dominic makes me a better counselor, but I think it helps me understand the parents more.” Mrs. Sitte is an amazing person, counselor, and friend. We are lucky to have her here at North Star.