Back to School at NSA!

Back to School!!!

Back to School at NSA!

Ethan, Nicholas, and Kyle

Have you ever thought about how long we were online? It was for the whole year! So now that you’re back, didn’t it feel like a long time in virtual land? Didn’t it feel short?

On the first day of school kids were flooding into the classrooms and many were meeting new people. “The good news is that I did not have to deal with tech issues,” said 4th grader Noah.

Kids were so happy on the first day of school because they were in-person, full-time. “It’s awesome since we can play with friends,” stated 4th grader Clark. Almost everyone enjoyed being back at school, but a few kids liked it better virtual. 

Other kids have mixed feelings. “It feels weird going back to school,” 

The most common thing we don’t like are masks.  Elliot, 4th grader, demonstrates this. “The most terrible thing about going back to school is the masks. You have to wear them all day.” 

Leo, 5th grade, stated that the school building is too noisy. “The worst thing about being back to school is the noise,” says Leo. “But, looking on the good side, you can have friends.”

Max, 7th grade, said, “Back at school is great; it’s easy to concentrate.”

The jury is in and most students are feeling glad that we are back in person!

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