Student Council At North Star Academy

Never Stop Achieving!


Reese, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what the Student Council does? This year’s new Student Council consists of President Savannah S., Vice President Ethan C., Treasurer Anesh G., and Secretary Nikhil N. They handle many of the school’s non-academic activities, like assemblies or surveys. “I’m really excited about this school year,” said Vice President Ethan C. 


The Student Council is prepared for leadership by their required enrichment, WE Can Lead the Change. Mr. Havey, one of the teachers in charge of the enrichment and Student Council, said, “In WE, we’re advocates for local and global issues.” He also said that the council leads activities and advocates for all of North Star, so leadership skills are very important. 


There could be some new changes this year. President Savannah S. said that the council was planning to start a community service program. “It’ll be a competition for the most volunteer hours,” she said. 


Some members are already thinking ahead. While Savannah and Anesh are currently in 8th grade, and can’t run again for a position, Nikhil and Ethan have plans to do so. When asked, Nikhil said, “Probably.” He said he hadn’t decided on a position yet. Ethan answered with a confident, “Yes” and said that he would run for president for the next school year. “I’m passionate because my Mom did it and it’s something I’m inspired to do,” he said. 


Some teachers had student councils in their schools. Mr. Havey’s school had ASB, which stands for “Associated Student Body”. However, he was involved in sports, not the ASB. Mrs. Robinson, on the other hand, said, “When I was in high school, I was the student body treasurer.” She was in charge of money and fundraisers. “I enjoyed being in leadership for my high school,” she said. 


Do you want to represent your class in the Student Council?  This year the class reps will be picked differently. Instead of being elected, which can turn into a popularity contest, students will need to apply by filling in an online survey that their teacher posts on Google Classroom. Candidates with the best attitude and experience will be selected for this important position. Student Council reps are the main way that students find out what the Student Council is doing, and the best way for students to give feedback and suggestions to the council.

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