3rd Grade Views On The Their New Life at North Star

New Students!

3rd Grade Views On The Their New Life at North Star

Eleanor, Reporter

Only a month ago, about 90 student lives were changed. All the new 3rd graders came here from different schools, none of their stories are the same. However, they shared a lot of similar feelings about their experience so far at North Star.

For most kids, making new friends in NSA is an important priority. 

“On my first day, I made a friend in the line!” says 3rd grader Hannah. Many kids, however, have friends from their old school, and aren’t lonely.

Ms. Williams, a third grade teacher, said, “It has been so fun to watch them meet new people and include others in their recess play. Our “Friend Wanted Ad activity” helped a lot to have scholars making connections with one another.” A Friend Wanted Ad is a paragraph about yourself, but without a name. 

Another new thing is that many  3rd grade scholars have never had lockers before so this is new. But they mostly said that they are having no trouble with lockers, or even that they like them!  

When asked about it, 3rd grader Valentina mentions, “I didn’t have lockers in my old school, but I really like them.”

Ms. Williams adds, ”It was wonderful to have 3rd graders use lockers this year! They have done an amazing job using them appropriately and I am glad they get the opportunity to use them.”

While they are settling in nicely to their new life at NSA, many 3rd graders said they felt unhappy about leaving their old school, with old friends and memories. One thing that helped, however, was that a lot of kids have friends that come to NSA with them! 

“I love my friend from my old school,” said Aria, a NSA 3rd grade scholar.  As seen, most kids aren’t very lonely for long! 

As for the teachers, they don’t seem to mind the difference of all the scholars in the classroom. Ms. Williams responds, “I love having diversity and differences in my classroom!”

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