Mrs. Shackel’s New Job

Mrs. Shackel’s New Job!


Jackie, Reporter

Mrs. Shackel is taking on a big responsibility—she is not the principal of one, but now two schools. Over the summer, Superintendent Baker named Mrs. Shackel, already the principal of North Star Academy for six years, the principal of  McKinley Institute of Technology. Mrs. Shackel now leads both schools on our campus.

When asked what she was most looking forward to in her new position, Mrs. Shackel  reported, “I am very excited to meet the students of McKinley.”  She has definitely interacted with some of the McKinley students on campus, but now that she is the school’s principal, she feels that she really needs to get to know them. That could be because she was a middle school teacher at McKinley for ten years before she became an administrator.

In response to a question about how her duties have changed since Mrs. Shackel became a double principal, Ms. Noriega said,  “in many ways I am acting more like the principal now that Mrs. Shackel has a new job.” Ms. Noriega thinks that Ms. Shackel is doing a great job of connecting with the kids from both campuses. Ms. Noriega’s support, as well as the support of McKinley’s vice principal Dr. Huertas-Ruiz, is crucial for the smooth functioning of the entire campus.

 When  how she feels about being the principal of two schools, Mrs. Shackel answered, “I’m very excited but a little stressed.” According to Mrs. Shackel, she is extremely busy. Imagine how hard it must be to become a double principal the year that kids come back to school after over a year of remote learning.

Fourth grader Wesley has confidence in Mrs. Shackel’s ability to do the job, emphasizing that she is very organized and able to keep track of a lot of things. The staff of the Gryphon Gazette congratulate Mrs. Shackel on her new position and wish her the best of luck.

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