Thoughts On Enrichment


Elizabeth, Ava, Eleanor, Jasmine, and Kyle

Are you ever curious about all of the different enrichments? There are 15 enrichments in all, with so many wonderful teachers working in them, so we wanted to tell you about each and every one. 

Last year, everyones’ enrichment was online. However, now that we are allowed to come back to school in person, a lot of students are happier to do enrichment in person. Hadley C, a 5th grader, says, “I like in person enrichment better because I get to interact with people.”

Although many students are happy with their enrichments, some did not get their first choice. For example, Elliot Ross, a 4th grader, did not get his first choice. He wanted Geo Mart, but instead got Tech 101. Elliot says that he wanted Geo Mart because, “…my friend is in it and I like math.” However, Elliot is only a little bit disappointed because he thinks Tech 101 is very fun. 

Here is a bit about what each class is doing:

Blast to the Past

Have you heard of Blast to the Past? It is taught by Mr. Robinson, a 4th grade teacher. It is about history! We asked Leo V what he likes about his enrichment and he says, “That I have my friends in it and it’s actually kinda cool ‘cause you get to do cool stuff.”


Hot Topics

             This enrichment is good for you if you want to know what is going on around the world. “In our enrichment, we usually talk about current events that are happening right now or affected us today. Sometimes we watch CNN 10’s which is basically a CNN episode but in only ten minutes. It only talks about 1 topic but it is very informative about that topic. As I said before we also do Kahoots. Sometimes it’s the Friday ones but sometimes there can be a Kahoot on Wednesday about a totally different topic. So it challenges you to really keep up with the news and social media to get as much information as you can…” said Cameron L., a 5th grader.


  Photography and Yearbook


           Photography is really cool too! That class is taught by Ms. Pinto, a 4th grade teacher, and Ms. Garrino, a professional photographer.  We asked Juliana V what she likes about her enrichment and she said, “I like that we get to go outside, but not the whole time. And that we get to use the photos we take.”


Storytelling and Illustrating


          If you like writing and drawing, this class is for you! Mrs. Machemer teaches that class, and she is a 4th grade teacher. When asked about his enrichment, Kui F says, “My favorite part of enrichment is storytelling and illustrating.”


WE Can LEAD the Change


This class is great if you want to help NSA and if you are in 6th-8th grade. Maya H, an 8th grader, said, “I like that I get to help out the school and that I get to organize events.” 


Knsa Jr.


          KNSA Jr. is for 4th and 5th graders interested in filming KNSA, but are not in middle school. (see below) Megan O., a 5th grader, said, “In my enrichment it’s really fun because everyone is happy and I can’t wait to learn about tech.” 




          Many of you know that KNSA is a broadcast that comes out twice a week. In this broadcast they tell you about what is happening to North Star, a fun fact, the weather, and more. When we asked Keegan M. what he liked about his enrichment he said, “We get to make videos that hundreds of people can watch. A lot of kids say we’re the fun part of their day and I really like that.” When we asked what he did not like he said “It’s pretty hard and challenging because we have to get KNSA out 2 times a week”.


Science Behind Star Wars


          If you are really into Star Wars then you must have picked this enrichment. Zaya N, a 5th grader, told us what she likes about her enrichment. She said, “I like that we get to watch movies and we get to learn how things would actually work.”


Trojan War Cycle

            The Trojan War Cycle enrichment teaches different things each semester. In the first semester you will learn about the Iliad. In the second semester you will learn about the Odyssey. In the third semester you will learn about the Aeneid. We asked Mrs. Minor, the 6th grade teacher who teaches this enrichment, what she likes about her enrichment and what they learn in it this trimester. She said, “Because it is the best known story in all human history. They are making a film of the Aeneid. The Aeneid is about the Trojan prince Eniad.”


Tech 101


       If you like to make games and code, this class is for you. Haynes II, a 4th grader, says, “It is very fun because we can make games, but why can’t we do Scratch?”


All Sports

For people who like sports, you probably picked this enrichment. Petra B said what she does in this enrichment. “We basically do sports and anything that is a sport like basketball and soccer.”


Personal Passion and Study Hall


If you need extra time to do your work then this is a great enrichment for you. Maddie P. an 8th grader said, “I like that I can get a lot of work done in this enrichment.”


Creative Writers Cafe


Creative Writers Cafe is like Storytelling and Illustrating, except more alone time to work, not all guided by teachers. Adela H from 5th grade says, “I like that it gives me time to write and it is very calming and peaceful. I also really enjoy the fact that on Friday we get to sit outside and have a little treat and have inspiration from nature for the writing.”


GEO MART-A Mash up of Geometry, Math, & Art


          This class is a fun mix of geometry, math, and art. If you like all of those, this class is for you! We asked Brandon N what he liked about his enrichment and he said, “It is fun because we get to do optical illusions and art.” 


Newspaper and Expository  Writing 

           You will like this enrichment if you enjoy the newspaper because it has it all: writing, interviewing, stories, news, and like Avi says, “I like that I can make new stories that other people can read!” You will like this enrichment if you enjoy writing because it has all: writing, interviewing, stories, news, and drama!