KNSA Jobs 2021


KNSA Jobs 2021

Emma and Josie

Every Tuesday and Friday at North Star Academy, every class in the school directs their attention to the big screens. Once everyone is quiet, a video starts playing. The video is directed by our friends at this school. The purpose of this video is to bring attention to what is happening at campus. An example of what they talk about is spirit days and the weather. The KNSAs encourage students to speak out loud and to be a part of this program. Keegan, a 7th grader, really likes KNSA and says that “It’s been my dream to be in KNSA since the 3rd grade.” If you want to be a part of this enrichment, there are many jobs to contribute to. 

Jobs may seem like a hassle, but there are many positives to them. Elise, an 8th grader, says she chose the job she found fit for her. “Something I like about my job is to read the script,” said Elise. There are many jobs, in different categories. 

         A 6th grader, Noah, said  “I chose video editor and studio manager because they involve some sort of technology.”
Grace, also a 6th grader, said, “I wanted to be studio manager because I like working with technology.” A positive outcome of KNSA is that people who like technology can contribute to many stories for KNSA. Also, people who don’t like technology, can develop an appreciation for it during their trimester with KNSA.

When we asked KNSA students, “What do you think is a way you could make KNSA better this year?”, there were many different responses. Noah R said that “I can edit the videos and make them look nicer,” and thinks editing the videos is a super important part of KNSA. Others in KNSA agreed, saying, “I can add more segments, and add more people to work on it I think it would really improve it,” said Grace K. On the other hand, Keifer S. and Everett B. say “I wanted to be on the big screen!” Emma H. wants to make the script “not as blocky.” Some students like Julia V. said “They should repeat things twice because sometimes I forget.” Mira A. suggests that they speak louder because sometimes she can’t hear what they’re saying. “Mention spirit days because some people forget them!” Victoria M. mentioned.

KNSA is a fun and safe environment to work in. There are also many fun things to do in KNSA. For example, Noah said his favorite thing about KNSA was working with tech, saying, “I like tech, and operating technology.”  Keegan also enjoys this enrichment “Because I get to have fun and work hard.” Many people have said and done many great things about this enrichment program. Elise has also stated how “It’s very fun to work with others, like the KNSA group.” Ethan said “I like to edit, make movies, and the new materials are cool too.” Many people enjoy KNSA and many of its features. 

There are some new added segments this year to KNSA. Covid segments are something Grace, Keifer, Everett, and Emma added. They all unanimously agreed that it was super important that they include that, because they want everyone to know what goes on in the world. Something else that many people have said to talk about on KNSA is the weather and the local news. 

Everyone agrees that spirit days are so much fun! Here are some ideas that people had for spirit day. Keifer and Everett like the idea of monochromatic day. Colorful mask day, crazy hair day, animal day, tacky tourist day, favorite celebrity day and twin day, and many more. One recommendation from Keegan was to dress up as your favorite celebrity, or someone from a movie. Another great spirit day idea  is color day, in which each grade has a certain color and they have to find clothes that correspond with that color.

KNSA is a great, loving, kind environment for anyone who joins. Maybe in our next trimesters you can try it out! There are also many things you can achieve by joining KNSA. You can gain the skill of using cameras, editing, script writing and reading, speaking in front of people and being live on T.V. Like KNSA says at the end of their videos, “NSA, never stop achieving!”

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