How to Make a Newspaper Story

The secrets for creating stories!


Kyle, Reporter

Have you ever wondered how we make newspaper stories? Well today this story will explain the process of making a story. From interviewing to publishing, there are many steps to making a story.
The first step to creating a story is having a reporter come up with a story idea. Then the reporter goes around interviewing people, like Eleanor P, a 4th grader reporter said, “I like that I get to go around the school and ask people questions.” Then the reporter will use that information to write a leed. It is the first sentence in a newspaper story that attracts the reader, making it interesting such as “Have you ever wondered how we make newspaper stories?”
After that, you need a nut graph, which is explaining the main idea of the story. The nut graph is followed by quotes from the people you interviewed. By then you should keep alternating between fact, quote, fact, quote until you are done.
Once the story is written it goes to a copy editor. They check the story and see if there are any grammar issues, spelling or punctuation errors. One of the copy editors is a fourth grader Nicholas K, “I think copy editing is fun because you get to look through other peoples great work, and make it better.”
Next we need to get a unique headline. That’s the job for a headline writer, like Ava M, a 5th grader “I like that I get to write headlines it is fun to write titles for others”
After that it needs to be edited again. But this time by a section editor, like Nathan C, an 8th grader. The section editor needs to check the writing of the story, if it needs more quotes or facts. “I like it because I can learn about the news at our school from the stories I can edit,” says Nathan C.
Do you know what’s next? A photo! You can get a photo from a photographer, like 5th grader Elizabeth M, “Not many kids ask for photos but I still like taking photos and choosing the best photos that I take for their stories.”
Then it needs to be checked by Mrs. Snyder, the teacher of this enrichment class. She checks if the story is appropriate and if it has any major mistakes.
Last, but totally not least, you need a publisher. You need to submit the story into the Google Classroom assignment: “Publish Story!” to be published by the Graphics Chief, 6th grader Daniel T. He also does last minute checks for errors, such as spelling mistakes. Once the publisher is done the story is published in the Gryphon Gazette for the world to see!

As you can see there are lots of jobs in a newspaper, like reporters, publishers, copy editors, headline writers, section editors, and photographers.

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